Math Games

Our math games on are designed to help you to improve your speed and accuracy in solving questions. All Math Games start from the foundation and progress to more and more advance maths questions.

We believe all children can understand and apply any maths question. The real distinction between the performance of children in maths, is really the time applied to understand and solve a question. Our math games are aimed at helping children build their speed and accuracy when answering questions.

Small Numbers - Up to 5

Small Numbers - Up to 10

Basic Math with Two Digits

Basic Math with Three Digits

Learn to Multiply

Learn to Divide

Math Multiplication Tables

Read the Analog Clock

Count Coins - United Kingdom

Count Coins - Euros

Missing Number in the Equation

Missing Operator in Equation

2d Shapes

Prime Numbers

Number Types


Measurements - Metric Units

Data sets - Mean of a Dataset

Missing Number and Mean

Mental Mathematics
KS2 - National Exam Questions

Fractions - Up to Tenths

Basic Maths with Roman Numerals